The Danny Green Fund



Therapies & Equipment

We provide grants to fund various therapies such as neuro-physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, horse riding therapy or a piece of multi sensory equipment.

We can also provide a one-off grant for a piece of equipment such a special needs buggy to assist the recovery of a child who is suffering from Posterior Fossa Syndrome (PFS).

For your application, we require:

  • Our Referral Form signed by a health professional involved with your child's care.
  • Details of the child’s needs and abilities and where you would like the child to have the physiotherapy/hydrotherapy.
  • Contact details (name, phone number, email) so that we can contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

Applications must be sent to:

The Danny Green Fund, 35 Hallet Road,
Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 8LH.


Our Support Group

The Danny Green Fund also runs a Facebook Support Group for parents of children who are suffering from Posterior Fossa Syndrome which is also known as Cerebal Mutism. The group is a mix of parents and caregivers from all over the world where members can seek advice based on other peoples' experience of the condition, it is a safe environment for parents to share views, experiences, concerns, vent and to offer support to others in a similar situation.

When requesting to join, a private message will be sent to the applicant to ensure that this group is the right group to support them.

Join our Support Group

Your Child's Privacy

Here, at The Danny Green Fund, we take your child's privacy seriously and will only use the personal information you give us to provide the products and services requested from us. The information will not be disclosed to any other party, unless with specific permission of the person it relates to or with the permission of their parent/legal guardian for children under the age of 18. Any person may request that their details are removed from our records at any time and may request a copy of the information that we hold for them at any time.

All applications are considered on a basis of need and individual merit to be agreed by the Trustees of The Danny Green Fund.

A Word of Comfort

It goes without saying that the journey to recovery will bring tough days, but don’t give up! Everything you do for your child will help them recover, but be patient - it might take time but you will see them progress. Give yourself credit for helping them and getting through this. The 'highs' are wonderful. When facing the 'lows', your love, support and encouragement will help your child to slowly recover.

Our personal experience showed us that, on a day-to-day basis, Danny’s biggest fight was with the effects of PFS (rather than with his tumour which was being treated with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy). It is our son's fight to recover which inspired us to start this charity and help children suffering from Posterior Fossa Syndrome.


The Danny Green Fund is a Registered Charity - Charity Number:1150334